Welcome to messer-buying.eu

Welcome to the Messer World IT- Hardware Portal.

This Portal has been created for the Messer World Site Administrators to establish a comfortable method to order standard Hardware supported by the Messer Information Services.
Please register here at messer-buying.eu , if you have not already done so.
After you have successfully registered (your name will be checked against a list of authorized people) you will be able to see all the supported Hardware available.

Once you have logged in successfully, please use the Portal as a shopping site.

When your shopping is completed and you finally submitted your order requirements, you will receive a quote by email from our Hardware-Vendor.
Please review the quote to ensure everything listed in the quote is as requested and send the quote to your purchasing department to place the order.

If you have suggestions or questions, please send them to: shop.messer@micro-f.de